Changes at The End of the Erotic Category

Introduction: has established itself as one of Switzerland’s most popular online classifieds platforms. With a wide range of offerings in various categories, has attracted a large user base. However, there’s an important announcement that will surprise many users. From June 30, 2023, there will be no new offers in the „Erotic“ category. This decision impacts the users of as well as the market for erotic content in general.

Background Information: was originally founded in 1999 and has since become one of Switzerland’s leading platforms for classified ads. The website offers users the opportunity to buy, sell, or exchange various goods and services.’s offerings include a variety of categories such as real estate, vehicles, jobs, pets, and much more.

The erotic category has long been a popular destination for users looking for products or services related to erotica. Here, users could find lingerie, toys, or escort services. However, has decided to remove this category.

Reasons for the Change: The decision to remove the erotic category at was influenced by various factors. On one hand, societal perceptions of erotic content have changed in recent years. Sensitivity regarding such content has increased, and platforms like need to consider these developments.

Furthermore, legal aspects must be considered. By removing the erotic category, can avoid potential legal pitfalls associated with certain types of erotic offers. The platform wants to ensure that its users have a safe and law-abiding environment.

Impact and Alternatives: The removal of the erotic category at will undoubtedly impact users who have used these services in the past. Some will need to look for new platforms to meet their needs for erotic content. Fortunately, there are other online resources and specialized websites like, which continue to provide such offers.

It’s important to emphasize that continues to offer a variety of other categories where users can look for products and services. The platform remains a valuable resource for the Swiss online classifieds market and will continue to offer a wide range of options beyond the erotic category.

Conclusion: The removal of the erotic category at as of June 30, 2023, marks a significant step in the platform’s evolution. The decision was influenced by societal changes as well as legal considerations. Although this will undoubtedly have effects on users, continues to offer a wide range of other categories and thus remains an important player in the Swiss online classifieds market.

P.S.: There are some websites that try to pass themselves off as the official continuation of Anibis by being clever (seen today on the Solads Network). However, if you check the legal notice, you’ll find that they are companies based in Malta. I could not directly establish a connection with SMG.